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Hot Copy Printing

St.Louis Printing Company For Over 30 Years Almost 30 years of experience with both large and small printers in addition to owing his own company for over 10 years has given Ted insights on how to offer QUALITY and VALUE in a TIMELY manner.

Ted Daniels oversees all jobs through the printing process and does not hand it off to a part time kid with little experience. Ted reviews all jobs and takes pride in finding client errors before they are printed, which saves both time and money.

Our Services

Offset Printing

We have both large and small presses for any size job. Our equipment list says it all:

5 Color 29” with Coater
6 Color 26” with Coater
2 Color Heidelberg Quickmaster
2 Color AB Dick 9850
2 Color Ryobi 512H

Digital Printing

Full color and black & white, from 100 to 100,000. With 3 digital printers, experienced personnel and a Konica Minolta 8000 we can handle quick turnaround times, high volume and high quality without blinking an eye. Come by the office for a tour!


We do some mailings in-house and also work closely with several of the big mailhouses in St. Louis to give us the flexibility to offer you the right solution for ANYTHING you need. Many of our clients have relationships with their own mailhouses as well. We are happy to work with whomever is doing your mailing, to make sure they get the printing delivered the way they need it and when they need it to get the job done right.


Everything from a simple fold job to a special die-cut pocket folder is done on-site. One of our biggest advantages in the bindery is our personnel. Craig and Brian have an eye for quality gained through years of experience in the printing industry.

What our customers have to say

Thanks for catching my mistake on this job! You are a life savor! You make me look good. – David
Thanks For Catching My Mistake! Bevo Mill
Ted has always had our back and helped us do the impossible. Whatever it takes to get the job done, Hot Copy has always went out of their way to go above and beyond expectations. We owe you guys big. THANKS! – jimmy
I can always count on Ted.
mascot agency
Thanks, Ted. I really appreciate you help and your attention to detail. Specifically, I am impressed by the follow-up and ongoing requests for clarification. This helps tremendously. I have worked with many vendors over the years (one recently, actually) that are merely order takers. Mistakes are made, sometimes on our end, in the communication process. Your questions help in making sure that we even give you the correct information needed to get the job done which is enormously valuable. Especially considering that in nonprofit we are typically understaffed for the task we are undertaking!!! It is not uncommon for simple things to slip through the cracks when everyone is multitasking. Many thanks for your help and assistance.
Really appreciate you help and your attention to detail.
NAMI St.Louis

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